Kon Tiki Inn at Pismo Beach

Dolphins actually romped close to the water’s edge, some 30 of them the days we were there. Gulls swooped down into the surf for an afternoon snack, and of course children squealed as the hopped over tiny shore waves and dug holes into the sand—all of this was on view as we lazed in the chairs on our balcony at the Kon Tiki Inn.

KontikiarcThe Kon Tiki Inn at Pismo Beach curves along the beach, offering an ocean view with every room. Steps leading down to the sand is an easy romp; going back up is a little tougher, though the risers are low, so it’s not bad. I stopped once to let my legs rest a bit.



Bayside Cafe in Morro Bay

We walked along the beach to the town of Pismo Beach, where there are restaurants and shops. We drove to the quaint village of Arroyo Grande for dinner, and to Morro Bay the next day for lunch at the charming funky Bayside Cafe. Food there was delicious.


Back at our balcony, we enjoyed a gorgeous Pacific Ocean sunset .

Sunset as seen from our Balcony